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Vascular laser works by emitting a beam of light which is attracted to the blood found in the vessels. The vessel is heated up, causing it to constrict and close. Vascular laser is a safe and effective treatment used for the treatment of broken capillaries and veins. It is a condition that we will require maintenance sessions.

Our Cuter excel V laser is a medical grade, gold standard laser used to treat facial veins, redness, flushing, rosacea, some vascular birthmarks, and general pigmentation. Its settings allow it to treat about 20 unique conditions from superficial to deep vascular conditions.

Broken capillaries and veins are commonly found on the face, appearing on the chin, cheeks and nose. Spider veins may be visible on the legs. They can occur when the walls of the vessels weaken and dilate, making them visible from the skins surface. Genetics, skin type, environmental factors, and natural ageing are all contributing factors.

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