Ageing Skin

As we age, the appearance and characteristics of the skin change. This occurs as the ability of the body’s cells to turnover without error diminishes with age. These changes can be accelerated by environmental factors, or rarely genetic factors.

Photo-ageing is the ageing of the skin in those areas exposed to sunlight or tanning beds. The different wavelengths of sunlight affect different layers of the skin, leading to damage of the superficial and deeper layers. These changes are more evident in those with extensive sun exposure at a young age, or with fair skin.

Photoageing leads to fine lines and wrinkles, changes in pigmentation and texture. The skin also becomes thinner over time, increasing the risk of skin tears and bruising.

Ageing is also accelerated by cigarette smoking, leading to more facial lines and a sallow yellow complexion.

Care of the ageing skin is important to slow the progression of changes, as much of the solar damage to done when we are much younger. Strict sun protection of sunscreen, shirt and hat is most important. Other areas to consider include avoidance of activities in the middle of the day, quitting smoking, regular exercise, healthy diet,and moisturizing regularly.

Pigmentation and complexion can be treated with several procedures. Please refer to our treatment section for more information.