Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction 

Here at Orange Dermatology we have two laser hair reduction systems to offer.

Our Syneron-Candela GentleLase Pro is a medical grade laser system that uses a 755nm Alexandrite wavelength combined with a zimmer (fan) to cool the skin to ensure maximum patient comfort. The latest 24mm spot size enables us to treat both small and large areas in a fraction of the time.

Our Lumenis Light Sheer DUET is a medical grade laser system that uses the latest diode laser, combined with the unique vacuum assist technology, allowing high-speed treatment times and increase patient comfort.

These systems are used to effectively treat unwanted facial and body hair, suitable for a variety of skin types.

How does laser hair reduction work?

The laser emits a pulse of light. This light is absorbed by the melanin (pigment in the hair follicle). The hair follicle is heated, causing damage to the hair shaft and bulb, impeding its ability to regrow.

How many treatments are needed?

Multiple treatments are required. This is because the hairs that respond to the laser must be in the early growth stage (anagen). Not all hairs are in this stage at one time. Typically patients require 6- 12 treatments, performed 4-6 weeks apart. A maintenance session may be required 3-6 monthly if dormant hairs grow. Blonde, grey, red, and white hairs do not respond to laser hair reduction. Certain medications may also be contraindicated to the treatment, meaning the candidate is not suitable to have laser hair reduction performed. Phone our practice on 63619377 to book a consultation today.


Women’s Prices 

Lip $30.00

Chin (including jawline) $40.00

Glabella (Middle eyebrow) $30.00

Underarms $50.00

Full arms $140.00

Half arm $80.00

Bikini $60.00

Brazilian $90.00

Buttocks $90.00

Lower Abdomen $40.00

Full Legs $300.00

Lower leg $120.00

Nipples $30.00

Hands $40.00

Feet $30.00

Men’s Prices 

Glabella (Middle eye brow) $35.00

Neck $55.00

Shoulders $65.00

Full Back $250.00

Full Chest $250.00

Underarms $60.00

Full Arms $180.00

Buttocks $90.00

Full Leg $320.00

*Prices are per treatment.