Orange Dermatology Contact Information

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117 Moulder St
Orange NSW 2800

Telephone: 02 6361 9377
Fax: 02 6361 9381

All new referrals need to be faxed to the details above. This is so that referrals can be assessed and brought forward as required.

If you would like to see one of our dermatologists at Orange Dermatology for a skin condition, including skin checks, a referral is required from your general practitioner. This is so you can obtain a Medicare rebate for the visit. This referral is valid for 12 months for ongoing care of the initial condition.

A new referral will be required for review of a new condition. A referral is also important to ensure that your dermatologist can communicate with your general practitioner.

For cosmetic consultations a referral is not required. These consultations do not receive a Medicare rebate. If you are unsure whether you require a referral, please contact our helpful staff.

The initial consultation aims to assess and diagnose your condition. Additional tests may be required to aid with diagnosis, and often a review appointment is required to ensure appropriate management.

Our staff will provide you information regarding possible associated costs on confirmation of your appointment.